Achieve your dream home with SHAMS GmbH
Have you ever left your home and then found it to be your dream place? It may sound strange, but it is possible.
We could make your dreams come true. If you’ve decided to renovate your home without getting involved, we could do it for you.
You should only decide to renovate at least a month before your trip and this, of course, depends on the areas you want to organize such as kitchen, bathroom, relaxation room, and bedroom or living room. First, we give you a design with a specific price where you can choose the areas for renovation and then you have to choose your preferred materials or brands and colors.
After confirmation, you should prepare for your trip. We will start your renovation in no time and if we have any questions for you during the work, we will contact you and always keep you up to date.
Please note that for some items such as the kitchen, we may need more time than usual for changes or renovations, as in some cases we have to reschedule more than once.
After your trip, step into your dream home and please say: Wow